Kobe Bryant Once Cursed at Jusuf Nurkic in Bosnian Because of Course He Did

Never change, Kobe. Never change.
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Kobe Bryant couldn't turn it off if he wanted to.

In a SportsCenter interview with Neil Everett, Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic shared a story about Bryant talking trash one time when they were playing.

Earlier in the interview, Nurkic discussed how Bryant was his idol growing up in Bosnia, and the first time he played against him was such an emotional moment, he had to walk away from his teammates on the plane ride home and reflect on how he just lived his dream.

But every game against Kobe wasn't as inspirational.

In another contest, Nurkic remembers, Bryant was living at the foul line. And when Nurkic commented on it, Bryant fired back with a curse word in Bosnian, because of course, Kobe would know Bosnian when literally only one dude on the floor can speak it.

"And he actually says a word in my language, and I was like, 'I didn't hear right. He can't speak my language, right?'" Nurkic said. "So we go back and forward, and he go again on the free throws, and he repeat that. It was curse word, but I was like, 'I'm pretty sure he said that.'"

Nurkic added that he heard Kobe always tried to learn something about everybody he played against. 

Is learning new languages to trash talk a requirement in the Kobe System or is it optional?