If you think Channing Frye isn't really THAT good at basketball, your chance to prove it will be coming soon.

By Khadrice Rollins
April 02, 2019

Channing Frye is getting ready to retire at the end of this season, but he still has plenty of basketball left to play.

For those of you who read that sentence and thought, "Channing Frye is still in the league?" or "Why didn't he retire three years ago?" Channing has the perfect place for you to come meet him to share that sentiment.

"Listen, I'm rich, I'm a champion, I'm 35 and retiring and I'm living a great life. So, if you think I suck, I'll see you at L.A. fitness in a year, motherf-----," Frye told Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

This made me think: Who is bold enough to challenge Channing Frye?

On the surface, a lot of you may think you would have a chance. Frye averaged just 8.8 points per game for his career and he hasn't played more than 20 minutes a game in the last four seasons.

You played in high school. Your college intramural team won back-to-back championships and the only reason you didn't walk-on at college was because of politics. I get it. You got even more than a puncher's chance going up against Channing Frye.

So, for all of you people who are confident you can beat an NBA champion and 38.8% three-point shooter, I would like to remind you of what happened when Brian Scalabrine challenged the best players from the Boston area because they assumed he sucked since he didn't play much.

If you don't feel like watching 30 minutes of Brian Scalabrine playing basketball, I'll sum up the video for you real quick.

If the guy played/plays in the NBA, there is a 100% chance he will give you buckets beyond your wildest belief.

But, it should probably be a really good run at that L.A. Fitness Channing is going to be posted up at in retirement. Just don't be too eager to guard him. You might end up on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

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