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Dwyane Wade: 'I'll be in Therapy' Following Retirement

Dwyane Wade said that he will go to therapy following his retirement from the NBA.

During an interview that aired on The Jump!, perennial All-Star Dwyane Wade told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he will enter therapy following his retirement from the NBA.

"I'll be in therapy," Wade said. "Seriously. I meant it, it is going to be a big change. I told my wife, I said, 'I need to do therapy, and we need to do a little bit.'"

Wade insisted that he's grown more open to seeking professional help.

"I was always against someone that don't know me telling me how to live my life or giving me instructions," Wade said. "But I need someone to talk to about it. Because it is a big change. Even though I got a long life to live, other great things I can accomplish and do, it's not this. So it's going to be different."

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Wade, in the twilight of his 16th NBA season, could be in the final stretch of his career if the Heat don't reach the playoffs. Miami entered Friday vying for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference with a handful of teams, including the Magic and Hornets.