Kevin Durant's return date for the NBA Finals might be questionable due to a calf injury, but it doesn't mean he's tuning out conversations about him on social media.

Durant recently engaged in a Twitter feud with FS1's Chris Broussard over the radio show host pointing out how the Warriors won the Western Conference finals in his absence. Broussard also questioned if Durant's two championship rings would be diminished if Golden State went on to capture another title without him.

When asked by reporters on Friday why he likes to be active on social media, Durant simply said that he enjoys it because he's talking about what he knows.

"I'm a human being with a social media account. I can see if I ventured off into politics or culinary arts or music and giving my input. But I'm sticking to something I know," he said, "I'm qualified to talk about basketball. I'll respond to something, especially if it's about me personally." 

Durant added that he notices when people tweet things about him that he disagrees with. He likes to respond to their comments not "because I'm worried about what they're saying. It's just that I'm interested."

He went on to provide a minor injury update and said he's rehabbing it every day. However, Durant called the calf injury  "worse" than others he's had in the past.

Golden State announced on Thursday that Durant is unlikely to play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals but remains hopeful he could return during the series. He's been out of the Warriors' lineup since May 8 after exiting Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Rockets.