Dennis Rodman Accused of Slapping Man in the Face at Florida Party

Rodman denied the accusations, saying he "don't hit anybody in the world."
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Hall of Famer and NBA legend Dennis Rodman has been accused of slapping a man in the face at a party in Florida, the South Florida Sun Sentinelreported on Saturday.

According to a police report obtained by the outlet, Rodman “open hand smacked” a man at a party at a bar in Delray Beach, Florida last week. The man, Jeff Soulouque, said he had met Rodman previously through a mutual friend and was talking to someone who was standing behind Rodman when the 58-year-old turned around and hit him. Soulouque, 30, said he suffered facial injuries in the alleged attack and wants to press charges. 

“I was like, ‘What is your problem?'" Soulouque told the newspaper on Thursday. “It was out of nowhere. He just hit me and I was blindsided and he started charging me.”

Soulouque added that Rodman apologized before leaving the party. Rodman and his attorney, Lorne Berkeley, denied that the incident ever took place, per the Sun Sentinel. Berkeley also said Rodman was sober and never alone during the party.

"I don't hit anybody in the world," Rodman told TMZ on Friday. "Never in my life, so I'm not worried about that. ... My lawyers are taking care of that."

The bar's manager said no video of the alleged incident exists, but that the security guard shadowing Rodman gave no reports of an altercation. A witness told police he was about 20 feet away and saw Rodman smack Soulouque twice, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Rodman has not been arrested or charged for the alleged incident.