Rockets Act Like Sore Losers on Twitter After Giannis Tops Harden for MVP

The Rockets tweeted out James Harden's resume after Giannis Antetokounmpo topped him in the 2019 NBA MVP race.
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The Rockets could have just stayed silent.

Instead, the team's Twitter account decided it just had to say something after Giannis Antetokounmpo was named the league's MVP Monday night at the NBA Awards.

This marked the third time in the last five years in which it could be argued Harden was robbed of the award with the others coming in 2015 when Stephen Curry captured his first of back-to-back MVPs and in 2017 when Russell Westbrook won the honor.

But that doesn't mean the team had to open its mouth. It doesn't mean they should avoid congratulating Giannis by name. And it definitely doesn't mean the account should make a thread with Harden's resume to complain even more.

But here we are.

First of all, there is nothing respectful about this.

The fact that they came out the gates by not even acknowledging Antetokounmpo by name is just flagrant and disrespectful.

But then to send multiple tweets is just ridiculous. To send one tweet with a video would have been corny enough, but it gets the job done. You did your petty deed for the day and the world can write it off. But three? Take that sore loser attitude somewhere else.

Did the Rockets send out a tweet after the Warriors ended their season in Houston saying they were the actual winners of the series? What about in 2018 when they missed 27 straight threes in their own arena with the season on the line? Did the Twitter account claim the Rockets were the real Western Conference champions despite losing in front of everybody's eyes?

Maybe if the Bucks didn't sweep the Rockets this season Harden could have won. instead, he ended up with a ball in his face and some petty people acting like sore losers on his behalf.

Is that how it felt watching Giannis collect the trophy Monday night?

Or maybe it was more like this?

Either way, just sit down and take the L. You don't always need to speak up.