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Shaq made a comment a few years back about how impressive Phil Jackson was getting the Lakers to four Finals in five years. Now he might have to kiss some feet.

By Khadrice Rollins
July 16, 2019

You read that headline correctly. This is a story about kissing feet... with cheese on them.

You all remember back when Shaquille O'Neal was a Laker and leading the team to the last three-peat the NBA has seen. Well, at the end of his run in Los Angeles, when coach Phil Jackson was also headed out the door (before returning to win two more titles with Kobe Bryant), Shaq made a comment about what a remarkable a job Jackson had done to reach four Finals in five years.

Well, thanks to u/GoodSamaritan_ on r/nba on Reddit, the people got to see the exact quote again and recognize that Shaq needs to find Steve Kerr and get some cheese ASAP.

“If a coach takes a team to the Finals four out of five years I’ll kiss his feet, on Fear Factor, with cheese on it,” Shaq said in an ESPN interview years ago. “I will. It’ll never be done again.”

Yeah, the Warriors making five straight Finals means that what the Zen Master did in LA can be done again. And even though it's been a little while since it happened, Erik Spoelstra also reached four straight Finals with the Heat from 2011-2014. So even though it took some time to prove Shaq wrong, Kerr and Spoelstra did just that.

But it's probably for the best that Kerr isn't asking Shaq to put cheese where his feet are and honor his word because nobody wants to see the big fella sucking Kraft covered toes.

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