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Zion Williamson Swung the Head Right Off a Golf Club

How strong is Zion? This strong. 

Zion Williamson might be too big and strong for the golf course. 

The Pelicans held a golf outing on Friday for sponsors and season ticket holders, and it became immediately clear which players had previous golf experience. Rookie Jaxson Hayes had a swing that would make even Happy Gilmore blush, while Frank Jackson looked like he was ready to take $100 off anybody in a skins game. 

But what everyone really wants to know is how top draft pick Zion Williamson looked on the course. The answer: not bad. His swing was reasonably fluid, with a nice clean takeaway and good rotation in his hips. There’s just one problem. He’s such a mountain of a man that he snapped the club with a single swing.

The head of the club was eventually found some distance away. 

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There’s definitely potential there, though. Just get Zion some clubs with reinforced shafts and watch him start bombing 400-yard drives.