Michael Jordan Calls Zion Williamson's Passion 'Great for the League'

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After Zion Williamson made his highly anticipated NBA debut this week, the Pelicans rookie received the highest compliment from Michael Jordan.

Before the Hornets' game against the Bucks in France on Friday, Jordan said he was blown away by what he witnessed during Williamson's debut and predicted there's more to come.

"What you saw the other night is a taste of what you're going to see going forward," Jordan said, per ESPN. "He's still got a lot to do, but I think his passion for the game is coming through the way that he plays. That's great for the league."

Williamson put up 22 points—including dropping 17 straight in just three minutes—seven rebounds, three assists and five turnovers in his 18 minutes played. The Pelicans ultimately lost 121–117 to the Spurs, but Williamson delivered plenty of must-watch moments during his controlled workload situation.

"The NBA is very fortunate to have a talented young man who shows a certain passion about the game," Jordan said. "That's something you can't get. You're born with it, and you share it with the rest of the world."

Jordan is likely to keep a close eye on Williamson since the Duke product signed an endorsement deal with Jordan Brand in July. ESPN reported Williamson's five-year contract with the company is the most lucrative rookie shoe deal in NBA history.

"We were very fortunate that he chose us," he said. "We look at every opportunity to expand him to the consumers and showcase his personality and his basketball skills. We can't play basketball for him, but we feel like he does present us an opportunity to showcase his talents. And that's what our job is going to be. It's a great partnership."