Report: Mavericks File Official Protest of Loss to Hawks

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The Mavericks have filed an official protest following a late overturned goaltending call in Dallas's loss to the Hawks on Saturday, according to the New York Time's Marc Stein

The protest reportedly cites a "misapplication of the rules" in regards to John Collins's game-deciding bucket for Atlanta. The officials first ruled a goaltend on a shot attempt by Trae Young, but later reversed the call and counted Collins' offensive board and layup following the play. The Hawks held on for a four-point victory.

In their protest, the Mavericks reportedly want the last 9.7 seconds of the game to be replayed. In the scenario, Atlanta would hold a two-point lead and the teams would face off for a jump ball. 

The Mavericks also will ask the NBA to review the first possession of the game that resulted in a separated shoulder for Jalen Brunson, arguing the play should have been reviewed, according to Stein

Dallas owner Mark Cuban took to Twitter on Saturday night following the loss to voice his disagreement with the officials' actions. He said he was told the whistle during Collins's play was inadvertent, resulting in the goaltending reversal.

"Refs have bad games," Cuban wrote. "Crews have bad games. But this isn't a single game issue. This is the same s--- that has been going on for 20 years. Hire former refs who think they know how to hire , train and manage. Realize 2 years later they can't. Repeat."

Cuban has not yet been issued a fine from the NBA for his comments. 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver will decide if the Mavericks' game protest holds merit. This is the second protest of the NBA season, following the Houston Rockets' grievance over a disallowed James Harden dunk attempt in a loss to the Spurs in December. The Rockets' protest was later denied

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