Report: NBA Meeting To Discuss Moving Games Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

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The NBA's board of governors plans to meet with the commissioner's office on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of moving some games to NBA cities that have not been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Tem presidents and general managers are expected to be involved in the talks on Thursday.

ESPN reports that the league would consider moving games to the away opponent's arena if the home team's city was deeply impacted by the virus. A neutral city and site is also an option.

Other possibilities include removing fans from arenas for games and suspending play for a period of time. However, those options are "complicated" due to the unknown timetable for a vaccine or testing.

More than 1,000 people in at least 38 states in America have been infected by the virus. At least 31 patients have died. A majority of the U.S. cases have been found in Washington, California and New York.

Globally, the virus has infected more than 118,000 people in at least 104 countries.

The NBA has temporarily removed media members from locker rooms for interview availability.