Paul Pierce Hurts Himself Leaving LeBron James out of Top Five: Unchecked

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Paul Pierce only hurts himself with his LeBron James ranking.

I mean, I don’t care where he puts LeBron personally, though the idea of James being outside the top five is ludicrous. Even more so given Pierce’s reasoning that LeBron never elevated a franchise, when he’s the only reason the Cleveland Cavaliers matter at all. Outside of one Michael Jordan basket that is.

Pierce also talked about LeBron putting together a team, when he himself played for the Boston Celtics, who already had the history. And he did so with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, who were all in or close to their primes—which is at least part of the reason the Heatles happened in the first place.

See, here’s the thing. Pierce was a great player. A go to clutch scorer with all time footwork, not to mention a fierce competitor. And he went head to head with LeBron many times. That should elevate his status.

But instead, he seems to want to self sabotage in diminishing James and saying he had a better career than Dwyane Wade. Whatever his intention is, he comes across as bitter for eventually being beaten and bounced, with LeBron lighting him up on the way out. 

Especially because this isn't a one time thing. Since heading from the court to the booth, at least from my vantage point, Pierce has made a habit of slighting The King, almost as if he is purposely attempting to be LeBron's Isiah Thomas.

So, my advice for The Truth is, to stop lying. That way NBA fans don’t forget what he was really about.