Kyrie Irving Is in His Own League

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Kyrie Irving is in his own league when it comes to how he's been portrayed around the NBA's return.

And while there are conflicting accounts regarding some of the things Irving has reportedly said, it seems clear that the Brooklyn Nets guard is against the season resuming in the midst of the movement for equality we see in the country. A sentiment shared by other players such as Dwight Howard.

I talked with Wosny Lambre, Culture Writer for The Athletic, and SI's Corey Parson to get their thoughts on how Kyrie has been covered when it comes to the NBA's planned resumption.

Wos believes what Kyrie is expressing is important but agrees with those who say he is an imperfect vessel for the message. "I think Kyrie himself has opened himself up to being viewed, cast in a certain light, just based off of things that he himself has said in the past, not mischaracterizations of what he said, the words that have actually come out of his mouth."

While Parson feels the coverage has definitely been fair saying, "Listen, you have people who think, you know what? Kyrie Irving is a free thinker and I kind of see some of his points that he makes. What I would say to Kyrie is when you come out like this, have a plan."

Ultimately, it appears the NBA is on track to get underway and there are players, most notably LeBron James, who reportedly believe the league can return without distracting from the movement.

A notion Wos agrees with. "I completely reject the idea that anybody will be so entrenched, be so entranced... that they can't possibly pay attention to what's going on out in the world in their communities. I reject that idea outright. I think they can do both. They can. They can project incredible messages, give light to incredible causes, while hooping." He did add that he believes there is a limit to what players may be able to accomplish, citing James' endorsement of Hillary Clinton before her election loss.

As for Kyrie? It's hard for anyone to know what to expect next. But one thing is for sure, whatever it is, it'll probably be unique.