Welcome to the NBA Bubble at Disney: Unchecked

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If you can get past the whole isolated from the rest of society because of a worldwide pandemic thing, the NBA bubble at Disney World sounds pretty cool. It will certainly be unique, that's for sure.

And it appears the league has really made an effort to ensure players are as comfortable as they can  possibly be in what commissioner Adam Silver called a situation that may not be for everybody. 

In fact, given the details out there now, as first reported by The Athletic's Shams Chariana, I can almost see the online brochure…

Welcome to Bubble, by the NBA. We hope you enjoy your stay, because you can’t leave. 

But while you’re here, please take advantage of all of our fantastic amenities such as...

—24-hour VIP concierge 

—A players-only lounge (wait who else is even there?)

—Daily entertainment, including movie screenings, DJ sets and video games (played six feet apart of course)

—Pools and trails 

—Barbers, manicurists and pedicurists (you know that honestly sounds great right about now)

—Lawn games, bowling, boating and golf 

—Ping pong (singles not doubles, keep your distance)

—Excursions to Animal Kingdom and other attractions

—Plus, best of all, access to live NBA action

—And if you have any issues while you’re here just call the anonymous hotline

In all seriousness, the NBA’s plan seems thorough and well thought out. From both the overall safety and entertainment perspectives.

I really hope it works out, not just for the fans, but for the most important people involved here, the players.