Thunder Will get to Bowl Inside the Bubble

Erik Gee

The Oklahoma City Thunder are about to face life inside the NBA bubble. For the sacrifice of giving up seeing their families, the Thunder will be treated to bowling, boating, fishing, and golf.  

According to a  memo released by the NBAPA and obtained by ESPN. The league will provide creature comforts to players while they are in Orlando. 

Those creature comforts include 24-hour VIP concierge, a game lounge with ping pong (no doubles for social distancing) and arcade games, plus virtual Chaplin services.  

 Chefs will create individualized team meals; there will also be DJ parties and movie screenings. If all this sounds like your dream Disney vacation, remember, players will not be permitted to leave the campus without permission. 

If you decide to sneak out, you will be subjected to a 10-14 day quarantine and loss of pay for any games missed. The idea of not having the freedom of movement will be too much for some players, and they will choose to stay at home. 

Those who make the trip to Orlando will be well taken care of, but how safe will they be? Even with the most careful of measures, there is nothing that assures us of not having another coronavirus outbreak. 

Mavericks General Manager Donnie Nelson says, "We're trying to get it right, as a country, as an organization and individually."... "Listen, it's just baby steps."

"Every step, you're measuring the risk to your players, your family." We're all measuring risk."

The league is suggesting, but not requiring players and coaches who sit on the front row of the bench wear masks. However, per The Athletic, all coaches and inactive players on the second row will be required to wear masks.

Players who will not be taking part in the reboot of the season must notify the Thunder and the union by June 24th.