Top Five Players to Trust in NBA Bubble: Unchecked

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When it comes to the NBA bubble, we’ve all been taking in some of the sights and sounds around the unprecedented circumstances—whether that’s food, hotel rooms, lawn games or tip hotline rumors.

But when play actually starts, it will happen in a unique environment, with no fans. Which to me means the guys who are truly about that business will shine.

So, who makes my NBA Bubble All Trust Team? Not the best players necessarily, or even a prediction on who will advance deepest in the playoffs, but the five players I trust most from a purely competitive standpoint to not let any unknown factors impact their focus.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo: I truly considered putting Damian Lillard here for his past clutch moments and thought about Luka Doncic as well due to his fearlessness. But ultimately, the Greek Freak is a different beast. And while I have questions about his ability to get his own shot when defenses tighten up, I have none about his will and dedication. Therefore, if I was going to leave Giannis off the list, it would’ve been just for the clicks.

4. Jimmy Butler: The legend of Jimmy Buckets continues to grow after a disturbance complaint apparently revealed he was dribbling a basketball alone in his room. While there are better players, there aren’t any who compete harder. I believe Butler will be missed by the Sixers and makes the Heat a legit sleeper threat. He may not end up making the play in the end, but he certainly won’t be afraid to try.

3. Chris Paul: I know CP3's lack of a championship or even an NBA Finals appearance is always a topic of conversation, but it’s never been for a lack of effort. Paul has seen it all and will be there to win when play begins. I trust him with the ball in his hands and to set an example for the surprising Oklahoma City Thunder.

2. Kawhi Leonard: Of course we haven’t heard much from Kawhi and we all know why. Fun Guy has repeatedly proven himself to be a killer with the game on the line. Nothing else really needs to be said.

1. LeBron James: I mean duh. I think everyone knows I was heading here. All eyes will be on James when the season resumes and I doubt he would have it any other way, and I have no doubts when it comes to his play.

There you have it, the five players I trust the most in the NBA bubble. Check ball.