G League Players Form Union With Assistance From NBPA

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G League players have organized and formed their own union with the help of the National Basketball Players Association, the NBPA announced Tuesday.

The union will be temporarily named the Basketball Players Union, and approximately 80% of G League players voted to authorize the BPU to serve as their collective bargaining representative. In order to form the union, more than 50% of the players needed to sign an electronic authorization card. The G League has agreed to voluntarily recognize the BPU as the players' representative. 

"I could not be more excited or impressed with this decision by the G League players," Michele Roberts, executive director of the NBPA, said in a statement. "Like their brothers in the NBPA, these players work tirelessly to perfect their craft and will now have a voice in decisions relating to their working conditions, benefits and more."

As union-represented employees, the players will have the right to collectively bargain on various matters, including salaries, benefits and other working conditions. The BPU will represent all G League players, including those on the newly formed Select Team. The NBPA said it will continue to represent NBA players on two-way contracts or assignments at G League teams.

In February, the NBPA Board of Representatives voted to support the formation of the union for G League players. The NBPA is certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the exclusive union for all NBA players.