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NBA All Star Paul Millsap is partnering with DeKalb County (Ga.) to transform his own training facility into a 2020 general election voting center.

DeKalb County residents can now vote at the facility Monday through Saturday starting Oct. 12-Oct. 30 during early voting. 

The Nuggets power forward has advocated civic engagement all season, opting to wear "Vote" on the back of his jersey while in the bubble. He is also a member of the "I am a Voter" campaign, a nonpartisan movement trying to encourage an increase in voter participation.

“The 2020 Election is believed to be the most important in our lifetime," Millsap said. "Therefore, I’ve chosen to become more involved in the voting process by using my social media platform to encourage voting and my facility as a Dekalb County early voting polling station."

The NBA All-Star originally founded The Paul Millsap Foundation and CORE4—a 44,000 square foot training facility—to help the next generation of players and citizens.

"With our democracy being at stake, I believe whatever you can do, do it. Whatever you can give, give it. Voting is a must," Millsap said in a tweet. 

DeKalb County voters who plan to vote at CORE4 must wear a protective face mask at all times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a league statement