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Lakers Left Quinn Cook Behind At The Arena After Celebrating Championship, J.R. Smith Was On It

In Monday's Hot Clicks, Quinn Cook was left off the team bus as the Lakers celebrated their 17th championship title in franchise history and more.
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One of the most iconic scenes in the first movie of the Home Alone franchise is when Kevin McAllister's mother realizes that her son is not at the airport and yells "Kevin!" Well, the Lakers had a similar moment but it came on Instagram Live in the early hours of Monday morning. Shortly after the team bus departed the arena for the hotel, J.R. Smith was live on Instagram and Quinn Cook joined the comments section asking for them to "Make a Uturn" because he was still in the arena.

Smith, who logged no minutes in the Finals but was the first to touch the trophy and commence celebrating without a shirt, quickly realized the mistake but didn't make much of an effort to turn the car around. In his first chance for a major assist, he decided to pass.

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Cook only played one minute and 23 seconds during the Finals but that doesn't mean he should be totally forgotten from this incredible championship run.

Lakers Fans Remember Kobe

This Lakers' title will forever be remembered for the odd nature of how it all unfolded in a bubble in Orlando but it's hard not to also remember it for taking place less than 10 months after the franchise lost its biggest star in a tragic helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant was quickly brought up in postgame comments by owner Jeanie Buss and Finals MVP LeBron James. Lakers fans did their part by taking to the streets outside of the Staples Center and chanting his name.

Bachelor Nation Thanks LeBron James

"The Bachelorette" season premiere rested in the Lakers' hands on Sunday night and they delivered. ABC had plans to air Game 7 of the Finals on Tuesday night, which would have pushed aside Clare Crawley's upcoming quest for love for another week. Luckily for Bachelor Nation, the Lakers pulled off the 106–93 win and the premiere remains set for Tuesday.

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America Can Learn from the NBA

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LeBron's Lakers were the perfect team to win the bubble championship...LeBron James is far from finished but fourth NBA title cements G.O.A.T. status...The Lakers’ 17th title was 10 years in the making...The SEC is unrecognizable as defenses underwhelm...Alex Smith's return is the most triumphant thing we'll see on an NFL field in 2020.

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Mick Fleetwood “has no idea” if Lindsey Buckingham will ever rejoin the band...Apple is getting ready to unveil its new iPhone lineup...There was a cluster of positive coronavirus cases in China's city of Qingdao...Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson win the Nobel prize in economics.

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