Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Must Be Nothing but Nets: Unchecked

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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s long-awaited debut as teammates is not that far away. And when they do finally take the court together, I believe how they perform with the Brooklyn Nets will ultimately define both their careers. 

For KD, he has a chance to enter those special conversations. The guy is already one of the most absurdly skilled and best players I’ve ever seen. 

Not only can Durant remind everyone that he may be the only player close to LeBron James’s level, but if he is able to win in BK and not with a 73-win team, there will be no argument against him when it comes to entering the upper echelon of the all-time greats. If he’s fully healthy, I already take him over anyone in the East and that includes the reigning MVP.

As for Kyrie, there’s been a lot of talk about him as a teammate and not exactly a winner away from James. Game 7 shot aside, his time as the man in Boston, and otherwise, hasn’t quite measured up to his ability. Now he’s flanking another superstar again. With similar results, there will be no question about whether he is a winner.

And given the situation they signed up for, going to an organization that had built itself up before having star power, there should be no excuses for either. KD and Kyrie together make for beautiful theater, and the Brooklyn Nets will instantly be the most interesting team in New York, and one of the most intriguing in all of sports the second they take the court. 

While there’s already been a lot of drama following each, they can shut all of that up with their play.

Because winning with the Nets will force any haters to have to spread love Brooklyn’s way.