NBPA's Michele Roberts: 'I Don't Know What I Think' of Possible December Start

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National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts told USA Today Sports' Mark Medina on Tuesday that she is still evaluating what impact a December start to the next NBA season would mean. 

"I don’t know what I think yet," Roberts said. "We are in the throes of discussing it and in the throes of evaluating what it means in terms of the revenue-related issues that have been raised. Frankly, we’re also spending some time trying to get information on what this means in respect to player health."

On Friday, the NBA's league office reportedly told the Board of Governors it was targeting a Dec. 22 start date for next season. 

The league would also reportedly consider a 72-game schedule and a potential finish ahead of the 2021 Olympics that could allow players to compete in the Tokyo Games.

Lakers guard Danny Green said on a recent Ringer podcast that he said wouldn't expect to see many league veterans if the NBA settles on a Dec. 22 start date. 

"If we start in December, I think most guys [are like], 'I'm not going to be there,'" Green said. "...I just don't expect guys to want to be there, or show up willingly."

Given that the Lakers took home the NBA championship on Oct. 11, the team would only have a two month offseason. Usually, the offseason is roughly 140 days.

"There are guys that haven’t played since the suspension of play in March and they may have a different attitude or not," Roberts said. "Frankly, I’ve spoken to players that did stop playing at or about that time, and they’re banging down the doors to get back to the practice facility."

In addition to a start date, the league has a number of other questions it needs to answer pertaining to possible fan attendance, issues around the league's salary cap and if the Toronto Raptors can play in Canada amid the pandemic. 

ESPN has previously reported that the NBA and NBPA set Oct. 30 as the deadline to finish discussions on tweaking the collective bargaining agreement for the 2020-21 season.