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2021 NBA Draft Big Board: Latest Top 60 Rankings

Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jonathan Kuminga and Jalen Suggs lead The Crossover's top 60 prospect rankings.

March is creeping up in a hurry, and the 2021 draft has come into a bit more focus. It’s time for the second update of the Big Board, and, predictably, much has changed since December. This has been an unusual season thanks to the impact of COVID-19 on scheduling and routines, but NBA teams continue to evaluate these guys closely on film, with live scouting opportunities a bit more limited this season on whole.

At this stage of the process, it’s fair to say this: teams are legitimately excited about the top five prospects, and while the pecking order there isn’t settled, a soft consensus has formed: Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jonathan Kuminga, Jalen Suggs and Jalen Green seem likely to be the first five players drafted, in some order. Opinions vary on those prospects relative to one another (with Cunningham still the favorite to go No. 1), but the most confusing range of the draft right now may actually be 6 through about 20, where separating players from one another becomes a challenge. I’d guess the first round hierarchy shifts several times between now and the draft. The NCAA tournament typically gives college players a helpful platform, and may be even more magnified this year.

As usual, the Big Board accounts for my personal player evaluations from live viewings and on film, typically dating back several years, and the feedback and opinions I hear from scouts, executives, and others around basketball whose opinions I trust. This is not a mock draft, but it is intended to be somewhat representative of the player pool and individual prospects’ ranges.