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Bobby Portis Steals the Show in Bucks Championship Win

Giannis Antetokounmpo is undoubtedly the star of the newly crowned champion Bucks, but Bobby Portis now holds a special place in the City of Milwaukee. 

Or how Jrue Holiday put it in the team's postgame celebration, he has the keys to the city. 

Portis solidified himself as a key player off the bench for the Bucks' title run and had his moment after the game. 

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"It means the world," Portis said. "For 10 months straight, I was at home just working out, really depressed, just real down on myself on not being invited to the bubble with my team. Coming here was the best thing to ever happen to me, man."  

Portis played for the Knicks during the 2019–20 season but was later released in Nov. 2020 before signing with the Bucks just days later.

Portis scored 16 points in Game 6 and had some memorable moments down the stretch. The first being an interaction with Chris Paul that seemingly foreshadowed the game's outcome with Portis laughing at Paul after the point guard was arguing with an official. 

Minutes later, he was called for a foul on Jae Crowder to his surprise and proceeded to high-step all the way down the court and got called for a technical foul for his outburst. 

Paul went on to miss the technical free throw and the rest is history. 

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