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Here's How Much Money Kyrie Irving Could Lose If He Misses Games Due to Vaccination Status

Nets guard Kyrie Irving may very well miss half the season (or more) due to his COVID-19 vaccine status, and the looming situation comes with a staggering financial blow for the seven-time All-Star.

Irving will miss out on $381,181 for every game missed due to local vaccine restrictions in Brooklyn, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.

That means Irving could lose $15.6 million from his 2021–22 paycheck if he missed all 41 home games, plus $762,362 for missing the two home preseason games and another $762,362 for missing two games at Madison Square Garden (where he would still be subject to the New York City executive order). 

Last week, the NBA confirmed that players who are unable to comply with local vaccination requirements and cannot play will not be paid for the games they miss due to their vaccine status.

Due to New York City's COVID-19 regulations, Irving will not be allowed to participate in any home practices or playoff home games unless he is vaccinated. On Tuesday, reports suggested that the Nets' hopes of Irving's getting the vaccine were 'waning.'

"I like to keep that stuff private," Irving said last week at the team's media day. "I'm a human being first. Obviously living in this public sphere, there’s a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world of Kyrie, and I think I would love to keep that private and handle it the right way with my team and go forward together with a plan.

"Obviously I’m not able to be present there today, but that doesn’t mean I’m putting any limits on the future for me being able to join the team."

Irving played in 54 games for the Nets last season, averaging 26.9 points and six assists per game. The Nets open the season Oct. 20, in Milwaukee. 

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