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NBA Power Rankings: Where Each Team Stands Post–Trade Deadline

The deadline has passed and teams are gearing up for the All-Star break. Let’s check in on each squad.

As it (almost) always does, the NBA trade deadline delivered with drama and headlines on Thursday.

Fans were treated to a bit of déjà vu when James Harden was once again traded, per his request. The Nets and Sixers made a Harden–Ben Simmons deal that both teams should benefit from in the end. As for the rest of the NBA, questions now center around which teams made strides toward genuine improvement and which were perhaps a bit too quiet. Let's get to ranking.

(Note: SI’s NBA staff is ranking every team from best to worst all season long, taking into account how each squad is currently playing.)

1. Phoenix Suns

Current record: 46–10

Previous ranking: 1

The Suns made a couple of sneaky good moves at the deadline in acquiring Torrey Craig from the Pacers and Aaron Holiday from the Wizards. While holding the best record in the league, Phoenix has shown it has the goods to make another run to the NBA Finals. The team’s depth was on full display in a 4–0 week for the Suns, including a big win over the Bucks in a Finals rematch. Phoenix continues to quietly sharpen its 4.5-game lead atop the Western Conference with its dominant play.

2. Golden State Warriors

Current record: 42–15

Previous ranking: 2

The Warriors were another team that stayed quiet at the trade deadline, though they did so while struggling on the court. Golden State suffered losses to the Jazz and Knicks while pulling off a close win over the Lakers to close out the week. The Warriors remain a top candidate in the buyout market; will they pick up a piece to help put things back on track?

3. Memphis Grizzlies

Current record: 50–18

Previous ranking: 3

Standing pat at the trade deadline, Memphis had a strong week while holding steady at third place in the conference amid a five-game winning streak. Eric Gordon and Harrison Barnes were potential players that could have provided a boost for the Grizzlies, but the team opted to keep its young core together. Their depth has impressed so far, but will it be enough against top teams in the playoffs?

4. Miami Heat

Current record: 37–20

Previous ranking: 4

Miami made a quiet trade before the deadline—so quiet that the team was able to break the news itself. The Heat traded KZ Okpala to the Thunder for a 2026 second-round pick while powering through a 3–0 week. Miami enters the new week holding a one-game lead atop the East with the Cavaliers, Bulls and Bucks following close behind. Two of those teams are reportedly eying Goran Dragić after an expected buyout from the Spurs; will Miami swoop in to welcome Dragić home instead?

5. Chicago Bulls

Current record: 36–21

Previous ranking: 8

The Bulls opted to stand pat at the NBA trade deadline, though they remain a likely player in the buyout market. A talented veteran—perhaps Dragić—could add a key boost to a Chicago squad knocking on the Heat’s door atop the East. A close loss to the Suns on Monday gave the Bulls a taste of a potential Finals matchup. Their depth has kept them in second place in the East, and could improve in the buyout market.

6. Utah Jazz

Current record: 35–21

Previous ranking: 7

The Jazz picked up some young talent before the trade deadline in Nickeil Alexander-Walker from the Trail Blazers. It may not be so much a win-now move for Utah, especially as issues are seeming to mount in the locker room. SI’s Howard Beck said on The Crossover NBA podcast that some tensions “might be a little worse than we've been led to believe,” though Donovan Mitchell has downplayed various rumors about the discord thus far. Time will tell whether the team can mesh enough to move up in the West, but for now the team keeps on winning.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) defends against Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker.

7. Milwaukee Bucks

Current record: 35–22

Previous ranking: 6

The Bucks know the value of a trade-deadline deal, especially after acquiring P.J. Tucker en route to last season’s NBA championship. This year, Milwaukee took part in a four-team deal that ultimately brought Serge Ibaka to the Bucks from the Clippers. With Brook Lopez continuing to recover from back surgery, Ibaka will help provide a frontcourt presence for a team in need of one. Milwaukee did lose a top defender in Donte DiVincenzo but hopes the extra size will help fill the team’s weaknesses.

8. Philadelphia 76ers

Current record: 34–22

Previous ranking: 5

Do the Sixers finally have their missing piece? Harden will enter Philly with expectations of bringing the Sixers’ championship aspirations into full focus. Philly lost a skilled shooter in Seth Curry and size in Andre Drummond, but time will tell if Daryl Morey will regret losing those players. For now, both Philly and Harden got what they wanted–each other. It’s now or never.

9. Boston Celtics

Current record: 33–25

Previous ranking: 11

The Celtics were among the busier teams at the trade deadline. Boston dealt for Derrick White from the Spurs and acquired Daniel Theis from the Rockets. This all went down amid a fiery eight-game winning streak, making them one of the hottest teams in the league. Boston seems to be putting it all together; will the new additions help them sustain success?

10. Cleveland Cavaliers

Current record: 35–22

Previous ranking: 9

The Cavaliers made a strong addition with Caris LeVert, who reunited with former Nets teammate Jarrett Allen and has already made an impact. That chemistry can very well bolster Cleveland’s chances to take over the No. 1 spot in the East. The Cavs will have to hold off the 76ers, though, whom they lost to on Saturday behind Joel Embiid’s big triple double. Still, the team came away as a winner at the deadline.

11. Dallas Mavericks

Current record: 33–24

Previous ranking: 10

The Mavericks officially bid adieu to the Kristaps Porzingis era after trading him to the Wizards for Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans. It was a surprise deal from the Mavericks, who get rid of the oft-injured Porzingis and add guard depth in Dinwiddie. It will be interesting to see how the new additions will impact the team’s chemistry. Luka Dončić has been on a scoring tear, but the Mavs will welcome any offensive help they can get to take some of that load off him.

12. Toronto Raptors

Current record: 31–24

Previous ranking: 12

The Raptors opted to move Goran Dragić and a first-round pick to the Spurs for Thaddeus Young, giving Toronto some veteran depth in the frontcourt. Young was not getting much playing time in San Antonio and could get a good opportunity with Toronto as a versatile and experienced forward. The Raptors saw their eight-game winning streak come to an end after a close game against the Nuggets on Sunday, but the middle of the East is up for grabs, and the Raptors have the chemistry to keep moving up.

13. Denver Nuggets

Current record: 31–25

Previous ranking: 13

The Nuggets did not make any moves at the trade deadline, currently standing at sixth in the West. Nikola Jokić sealed yet another game for Denver with a game-saving block against the Raptors on Saturday. As long as Jokić is on hand, the Nuggets are not to be underestimated. Denver struggles with inconsistency but is getting the necessary wins to stay in the playoff picture with Jamal Murray trying to work his way back to the court.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves

Current record: 30–27

Previous ranking: 15

One of the biggest Timberwolves headlines this week was about a Wordle controversy surrounding Karl-Anthony Towns. That was the bulk of the week’s excitement as Minnesota remained quiet at the trade deadline. The Timberwolves went 2–2 during the week, countering a struggling defense with a strong offense. Minnesota will have two more opportunities to improve its standing in the East against the Hornets and Raptors before the All-Star break.

15. Charlotte Hornets

Current record: 29–29

Previous ranking: 16

The Hornets made a splash before the trade deadline with the addition of Montrezl Harrell. Charlotte hopes that Harrell can make an impact as the team has won just one of its last eight games. The Hornets are in need of a spark, and Harrell adds needed size to help round out the roster. They will have two opportunities to test out the chemistry before the All-Star break.

16. Atlanta Hawks

Current record: 26–30

Previous ranking: 14

The Hawks were quiet at the trade deadline as they sit in 10th in the East. It was a mixed week for Atlanta, who put up 133 points on the Pacers before allowing the Spurs to score 136 points three days later. With news that John Collins will be out through the All-Star break with a strained foot, the Hawks could use a pick-me-up. That opportunity could come against the Magic on Wednesday.

17. Los Angeles Clippers

Current record: 28–30

Previous ranking: 17

The Clippers made their trade deadline splash early by acquiring Norman Powell and Robert Covington. L.A. closed out the week with a win to end a three-game losing streak, though it has two tough matchups coming up against the Warriors and Suns. The team was handed a tough blow with news on Sunday that Powell is out indefinitely due to a fractured bone in his left foot. A bounce-back win against the Mavericks provided much-needed momentum for the Clippers, but the Powell injury may put a pause on building on it.

18. Brooklyn Nets

Current record: 29–27

Previous ranking: 19

It was another week of losses for the Nets, who were involved in the biggest deal of the trade deadline. Brooklyn is in major need of reinforcements, so while Ben Simmons may take longer to get up to speed, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond could provide welcome help in the meantime. Brooklyn still could not muster up a win even against the undermanned Wizards on Thursday. Will the losing streak end before the All-Star break?

19. Portland Trail Blazers

Current record: 23–34

Previous ranking: 23

The Trail Blazers said goodbye to a franchise cornerstone in trading CJ McCollum to the Pelicans. Portland also parted ways with Larry Nance Jr. and Tony Snell in the deal while gaining Josh Hart, Tomas Satoransky, Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Didi Louzada, along with picks. That’s in addition to dealing Powell and Covington to the Clippers. The moves seem to help the Blazers build for their future, though they finished the week on a high note with wins against the Lakers and Knicks.

20. New Orleans Pelicans

Current record: 22–34

Previous ranking: 20

The Pelicans brought in McCollum, who has gotten off to a hot start for New Orleans, though the team has not won yet since his arrival. New Orleans gave up many pieces, including Josh Hart, in the deal, but McCollum could be a great fit alongside Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson, once healthy. In the meantime, McCollum can help keep the Pelicans in the play-in picture.

21. Los Angeles Lakers

Current record: 26–31

Previous ranking: 18

Many were waiting to see what moves the Lakers were going to make at the trade deadline, but Los Angeles was unable to improve its existing roster. The team reportedly tried to find suitors for Russell Westbrook but had no luck due to his large contract. Frank Vogel insists he believes in the team as it is currently constructed, and the Lakers remain a threat in the buyout market. A three-game losing streak does not help matters much for the Lakers, either.

22. Sacramento Kings

Current record: 22–36

Previous ranking: 25

The Kings were part of one of the bigger trades before the deadline, and it caught many by surprise. Sacramento sent a rising star in Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield to the Pacers for a package headlined by Domantas Sabonis. The team also acquired Donte DiVincenzo in a three-team deal, capping off a busy trade deadline. Many questioned what the Kings were thinking in giving up Haliburton; time will tell if the deal will come back to bite them as they recorded two wins on the week.

23. New York Knicks

Current record: 25–32

Previous ranking: 21

The Knicks surprised many by remaining quiet at the trade deadline. The uneventful deadline added onto what has been a disappointing season, made worse after blowing a 23-point lead against the Trail Blazers on Saturday. The Knicks did record a win over the Warriors, though. Small victories?

24. San Antonio Spurs

Current record: 22–35

Previous ranking: 24

The Spurs were active at the trade deadline, acquiring Dragic in a deal with the Raptors and sending White to the Celtics for Romeo Langford, Josh Richardson and a first-round pick. Dragic is reportedly set to be bought out, though, as the Spurs stand at 12th in the West. Dejounte Murray has continued to be a star for the Spurs, and their new assets give them options to build around him in the future. And still, the Spurs remain in the mix for a potential play-in spot with two wins over the week.

25. Indiana Pacers

Current record: 19–39

Previous ranking: 26

The Pacers used the trade deadline to revamp its roster, acquiring some talent along the way. Most notably by dealing Sabonis for Haliburton and Hield in a deal many declared the Pacers as the winner. The team also traded Torrey Craig to the Suns after trading LeVert to the Cavaliers earlier in the week. The Pacers may have been active at the deadline and are in the midst of a six-game losing streak, but they have some pieces they can build on, especially in Haliburton.

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26. Washington Wizards

Current record: 25–30

Previous ranking: 22

The Wizards used the trade deadline to acquire Porzingis, sending away Dinwiddie and Bertans from what is reportedly a tense locker room. The move perhaps pleases some players on the roster, but Washington still finds itself shorthanded. Bradley Beal is officially missing the rest of the season due to wrist surgery, and outside a win over the Nets, the losses keep piling up. Perhaps the Porzingis addition will help provide some wins once he is available to play.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder

Current record: 17–39

Previous ranking: 27

The Thunder opted for a quiet trade deadline as the losses continue to pile up. Oklahoma City enters the new week on a five-game losing streak, standing 14th in the West. The team seems happy to build on its young core of the future. The Thunder will at least have a few chances to pick up a win before the All-Star break against the Knicks and Spurs.

28. Houston Rockets

Current record: 15–40

Previous ranking: 28

The Rockets made their trade deadline move by dealing Daniel Theis to the Celtics for Dennis Schroder and Enes Freedom. The move was primarily a salary dump as Freedom was quickly waived and Schroder is not expected to get much playing time, if any. Meanwhile, Houston stands in last place in the West amid a four-game losing streak while continuing to sit John Wall. The team ended up not moving Eric Gordon or Christian Wood, either, making it a quieter deadline for the Rockets than some expected.

29. Orlando Magic

Current record: 13–45

Previous ranking: 30

If anything, the Magic got taller at the trade deadline. The team acquired Bol Bol from the Celtics along with P.J. Dozier, who has already been cut, and a second-round pick, a move that helped Boston cut salary. Many expected the Magic to deal Gary Harris, Robin Lopez or Terrence Ross, but instead the team opted to stand pat. The team may regret holding onto the veterans instead of finding a meaningful return, though perhaps the right deal wasn’t out there.

30. Detroit Pistons

Current record: 12–44

Previous ranking: 29

The Pistons acquired Marvin Bagley in a three-team deal that saw them send away Josh Jackson, Trey Lyles and two second-round picks. Detroit provides a new canvas for Bagley, who has had a tough season in Sacramento. The Pistons find themselves at the bottom of the East with a seven-game losing streak. Perhaps the team can record a win against the Wizards on Monday, otherwise it is likely Detroit will enter the All-Star break with more losses to its name.

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