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ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Suggests Lakers Trade for James Harden, And Fans Were Stunned

In the midst of James Harden’s disastrous rift with the 76ers, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins apparently believes he’s found the best solution for both disgruntled parties.

Appearing on Friday’s NBA Today, Perkins offered his version of a best-case scenario for Harden as he remains in limbo in Philadelphia. So, what was Perk’s idea? Trade the 10-time All-Star to Los Angeles, only not to the Clippers, his reported desired landing spot, but to the Lakers to pair him with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

“If I’m the Los Angeles Lakers, I might be looking to trade for James Harden,” Perkins said. “James Harden wants to go to the Clippers but, to be honest with you, [him] to the Lakers makes the most sense for Anthony Davis. If you want to get him good, easy looks like James Harden did for Joel Embiid last season, how about trading for him?”

As if the take couldn’t get any hotter, Perkins, who played 16 seasons, also theorized a potential blockbuster deal involving his former Thunder teammate Harden and Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell once teams can include free-agent signings in trades starting Dec. 15.

As of Friday, there’s no indication the Sixers are close to trading Harden after reportedly sending him home ahead of Thursday’s season opener. 

However, considering the names involved in Perkins’s suggestion, the idea of a Harden, LeBron and AD Big 3 sparked plenty of reactions from stunned NBA fans online who had a difficult time comprehending such an outlandish trade: