Thunder Undefeated During Postseason When a Fan Hits Half Court Shot Worth $20,000

OKC fan wins $20,000 with a half court shot for second game in a row.

The Oklahoma City Thunder blew out the New Orleans Pelicans, 124-92, on Wednesday night to take a 2-0 lead in their first round series. It was a thoroughly dominant performance by the top seed in the West. Led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's 33 point performance, the Thunder look legit, but what is the real key to the team's postseason success? Is it their young core or the fact that fans keep winning thousands of dollars shooting half court shots? It's hard to tell!

Over the weekend a fan named Jaylen made a half court shot worth $20,000. The crowd went wild and the fans were able to use that enthusiasm to will the Thunder to a two-point victory in Game 1.

Then on Wednesday a fan named Eli put on the free throw shooting performance of a lifetime to earn his own chance at $20,000. He also buried the shot and the Thunder cruised to their second win of the series.

Sure, Eli tried to celebrate by dunking and failed, but the fans and team were shake that off and go on to secure a decisive victory. And the fact remains that the Thunder are undefeated when they give a random fan $20,000 during the game so they should probably continue with that practice until they've won the championship.

This is clearly what the team was missing during the Kevin Durant / Russell Westbrook / James Harden era.

Stephen Douglas


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