NBA Announcer Mike Breen Ends Powerful Safety Message With a Bang

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NBA announcer Mike Breen has called some of the greatest NBA games of all-time. On Tuesday he made another memorable call. Using his instagram account, Breen advised everyone to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. “I know you’re tired of hearing this but wash your hands. I mean, wash your hands, 20 seconds, lots of soap, lather up. Don’t be touching our eyes, nose or mouth. But most importantly, practice social distancing. It’s not just some phrase. It’s a way of life right now and we have to practice it. So please do your part and we’ll get back doing what we love to do – that’s watch NBA basketball. And for me, it’s calling NBA basketball. NBA together.” He ending the video nailing a shot while saying his most iconic word: “BANG!” NBA players and fans hope the league returns but only time will tell if or when that happens.