One Big Question: Can The New York Knicks Stick To A Plan?

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Other than the obvious big question of if the NBA season will return, questions loom for every team in the NBA as well. For the New York Knicks, the question is if they can make a plan and stick to it to build a playoff roster.

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Robin Lundberg: Will the NBA season return? That's the big overarching question, but there's still a big question for each individual NBA team, and that includes the New York Knicks. The question there: can they stick to a plan? For more, I'm joined by our Rohan Nadkarni. I'll let you answer, because they haven't answered that very clearly in the last couple of decades.

Rohan Nadkarni: I think any Knicks fan could tell you every time the Knicks seem to be gaining momentum, they do something incredibly stupid to derail that momentum. I mean, their most recent plan was to sign Kevin Durant in free agency. It looked like it was headed in that direction, then all of a sudden they trade Kristaps Porzingis away, start bragging about how much cap space they have, James Dolan is winking at the media about the free agents they're going to sign, and they end up with no one and twelve power forwards on the roster. You know, they brought in Leon Rose from CAA to run the front office. I think it's too early to kind of have any conversation about whether that was a good or bad move. I mean, it remains to be seen for the Knicks. What it's going to come down to is, can they commit to building this the right way, and actually stick to that plan. It seems like they always get caught up in the big names instead of just trying to build something decent from within.

Robin Lundberg: Do you think they have any real pieces to build upon right now? That's another question.

Rohan Nadkarni: I don't know if they have a generational superstar necessarily on the roster, but that doesn't mean they don't have talent. I mean, I do think a guy like Mitchell Robinson could be a useful player on a winning team. Same goes for RJ Barrett, both guys who I think can be useful good players on a good team. I think they still are going to have to find that star. And I think for now, they need to focus on finding that maybe through the draft or developing their talent as opposed to just getting caught up in these star hunting plans that often seem to go awry.

Robin Lundberg: And maybe they can eventually get back into the playoff mix and Spike Lee can watch them as long as he doesn't try to go through the employee entrance. Rohan, appreciate your time as always. 

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