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Should Pistons Part Ways With Blake Griffin?

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Six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin has been one of NBA's most notable big man but injuries have halted his career numerous times. SI's Rohan Nadkarni discusses the difficulties the Detroit Piston will face if they try to move on from Griffin to rebuild the franchise.

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Madelyn Burke: It's been more than four months since Blake Griffin played competitively on a basketball court after the Pistons shut his season down as he underwent knee surgery in January, but on Monday, Griffin said that he's ready to get back to playing. Joining me now is SI, NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni. Rohan we know that Detroit is in full rebuild mode, but can the Pistons rebuild and still play Blake?


Rohan Nadkarni: Blake, that's really, you know, the question for them moving forward Maddy. You saw earlier this year when they traded Andre Drummond, that they're kind of ready for something new in Detroit. Unfortunately, Blake Griffin, you know, he's on such a big contract. He's been a good player for the Pistons when healthy. The problem is he just keeps kind of running into injury issues at the worst time. I don't think it's going to be easy to trade him over the next few years. 

Pistons' Blake Griffin on the bench

So Detroit has to figure out a way, how do we continue to bring in young pieces? How do we continue to get young talent in here, even when we're paying Blake Griffin. When he's healthy, I mean, he's gonna be a good player. So it's kind of a tricky situation that I wouldn't be shocked if they do try to shop him. But it's just going to be easier said than done trying to trade him, which is a shame because of how good of a player he's been for so long.=

Madelyn Burke:  And the keywords you mentioned there is when he's healthy, of course. Blake Griffin, a six time NBA all star that we know who can make an impact on the court. Rohan Nadkarni, thank you so much for the time. 

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