Michael Jordan's Daughter Once Used Google to Find out About His NBA Career

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Since the premiere of 'The Last Dance' Michael Jordan has been the subject of nearly every basketball conversation. In an interview with the Associated Press, Michael Jordan's daughter Jasmine said she had to google her father's name to find out why he is so important. "When I was a child, and growing up during the time, I didn't really understand what was happening because I was so young, and it just didn't really resonate until I got older. 

Michael Jordan celebrates with Phil Jackson after winning the 1998 NBA Finals

I laugh because I actually Googled my dad at one point just to figure it out. I was like why is everyone so intrigued by you, you're just dad, you're not that cool. But lo and behold, he was kind of a big deal. So it's definitely something that's been eye-opening." SI's Robin Lundberg shares thoughts on the story and why there's plenty of Jordan content for all to google.

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Robin Lundberg: Who is Michael Jordan? If you are googling that it is hard for me to believe you and I are from the same planet. However, I will make an exception, for MJ’s daughter Jasmine. She said she used to google her dad to try and understand why he was such a big deal. And now with The Last Dance she’s texting him to get his thoughts. Perhaps only the documentary’s director has better access.


 At this point I’m sure she understands why His Airness, to her, daddy, is the icon he is. And if she were to search his name right at this moment, there’d be plenty to read. I wonder if she’s gotten into any Jordan-LeBron debates? I just hope one day my kids also have a reason, a good one that is, to google me.

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