Hot Clicks: Cook Denies Spiking Michael Jordan's Pizza Ahead of 'Flu Game'

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Michael Jordan's performance in game five of the 1997 NBA finals is regarded as one of the greatest moments in his legendary career. Before the release of 'The Last Dance' many believed Jordan had played that pivotal game with the flu. In the docu-series Jordan's fitness trainer Tim Grover insinuates that the night before the game Jordan may have been poisoned by eating pizza from a local restaurant in Utah. Craig Fite, the man who says he made the pizza, recently  stated that no wrongdoing was done to the pizza. SI's Robin Lundberg reacts to the latest developments and claims the cause of Jordan's legendary game will always remain a mystery. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a real pizzagate. It is still being discussed on Facebook though. Craig Fite posted that he in fact made the infamous pizza discussed on The Last Dance and said he did so with his own hands. He also said he delivered it and not crew deep in a radio interview on The Big Show with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson it’s a good get so they should get credit. 


And now, just like Chicago crust, the plot thickens. Even if the pizza was made in Utah. Check back tomorrow for the latest installment of Flu Game Mystery. Because despite MJ and company’s claims about what the pie in question did to him, it appears the people are not yet sick of Michael Jordan content after The Last Dance as it has been a feast for guys like me in sports media. 

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