Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint Discusses, Michael Jordan, Partnership With LeBron James and Training With Cam Newton

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Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint has paved his own way in professional sports by aiding world class athletes such as Roger Federer and Cam Newton. He spoke with SI's Corey Parson to give an insight on his profession and the impact he's made in pro sports.

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Corey Parson:  So pre-pandemic, right? Were you getting the type of belief in your brand 'Tough Love with AT?' Were you seeing professional athletes pop up in it then, or did you really see that rush post-pandemic as athletes are looking for a way to train? It seems like you became their go-to guy. 


Alex Toussaint: Pre-pandemic athletes are still coming to Peloton, still taking classes. I had everybody from Ray Allen, Cam Newton and a list of athletes that were on Peloton A lot of NBA players, Tobias Harris. I think that once we get into that, the Corona virus situation, we're all playing with an attempt to say 24 hours now we are all cooped up in our house is that we need to find ways to sharpen our mind, our bodies are souls, our spirits. And Peloton has been a way for everybody to kind of be on the same playing field, but working together to move each other, to evolve, to kind of get to the changing way that we have to think as individuals. And Peloton is more than just a spin bike. And the fitness aspect I've been seeing a lot of pro athletes say 'thank you'. So obviously I'm seeing an increase of pro-athletes, but I think Peloton always had that DNA. 

Corey Parson: No doubt I can imagine that adrenalin was pumping after that rather than you guys. I think I saw with some like twenty thousand people was in it. So that was definitely a good look. Now, Cam Newton, he doesn't have a job right now. He was released by the Carolina Panthers, they're going in a different direction. We haven't seen a picked up any way. I know you had him in studio here in the city last year. What do you think about Cam situation right now, man? 


Alex Toussaint: I think Cam is one of those once in a lifetime players that like, honestly, when you have faith and hope, you're not worried about anything Cam, I'm never gonna be worried about him his structure and his state of mind when it comes to believing in himself. He's not worry about a doubter or hater, and neither am I. When it comes to him, he's in a right find the right fit. He's going to showcase the world is going to put a showcase. Good. He's got to showcase his talents to the world. When the time is right. Well, honestly, God got his back. His family got his back. He has trust in himself. I mentioned we just. All right. 

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