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How Will Lack of Fans Impact 76ers in Postseason?

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The NBA hopes to resume at some point to conclude the 2020-21 regular season. Despite the return, fans will not be permitted to watch games inside the arena. 76ers team reporter Justin Grasso and Sports Illustrated fantasy and gambling analyst Corey Parson break down whether the 76ers will suffer from the lack of fan support. 

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Robin Lundberg: We don't know how sports will be impacted by playing in front of no fans, but some teams could be more effective than others, including the Philadelphia 76ers. For more, I'm joined by Justin Grasso of all 76ers and our fantasy and gambling analyst, Corey Parson. Justin, let's start with you. The Sixers had the best home-court advantage in the NBA. Could they be the team most affected by a return to play with no fans? 

Justin Grasso: I'd say absolutely. You know, it's something that the team credited all season long, saying that they had the best fans in the NBA. They motivate them to do better. They only have two losses at home. But then on the road, they only have 10 wins. So definitely playing with our fans. The players say it's gonna be a weird dynamic, you know, coming back to that. The GM doesn't believe that it will be an issue, but they definitely think that something is going to affect the way that they play with our fans in the stands.

Robin Lundberg: Corey. Obviously, the lines haven't been set since the games haven't officially been announced and we know there moved a little bit for home-court advantage. How much would you expect this to impact the Sixers titles chances at least coming from Vegas?

Corey Parson: Well, they're twenty-seven to one to win the NBA championship right now, and they really will have no shot, especially in this situation right here. Listen, this has been a terrible road team all season long.

Corey Parson: They have road losing streaks to four-game road losing streaks to three-game road losing streaks when the season came to a pause. They had lost three out of four games on the road. They have road losses to the Cavaliers. The Hawks in the Golden State Warriors. And that's just missing. They have ten road victories this year. So the Knicks. So I think it's a terrible situation that the Philadelphia 76ers are going in right now. I think if the season was to start the way it is right now, they will go up against the Boston Celtics in a first-round playoff matchup. That will be a short series, especially since they can't return to Philadelphia to get a couple of games there.

Robin Lundberg: And you don't want to be mentioned in the same sentence as the New York Knicks. I appreciate your time guys 

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