LeBron James is Still the Best Player in the NBA

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LeBron James has been one of the faces of the NBA for over a decade but should he still be regarded as the best? SI's Michael Shapiro makes the case for King James as the best player in the league in his seventh season. 

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Robin Lundberg: Our Michael Shapiro has been putting together a list of the best NBA player each year in each decade, and we're now two today. Michael joins me now. And somehow the best player in the game is still LeBron James. 

Michael Shapiro: You know, it really is astounding in your 17th. Well, Bronn, Keep Flowing is the league's best player. He, of course, dominated the 2010s. He's had some real competition of late, whether it be Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo Kawhi Leonard. But I still think heading into the 2020 playoffs, there's no player. I would rather have right now than will Bron James. 

Robin Lundberg:  Yeah. You know, there there is a little bit of a diminished status in his athleticism, but he's made up for and skill. You know, I think twenty eighteen LeBron in the playoffs might have actually been the best version of him. Do you think he could still tap into that with L.A.? 

Michael Shapiro: You know, I think you make a great point at the end of his Cleveland tenure. You really saw a more cerebral LeBron James. One can control every single possession of a game in the playoffs. Right now, he's leading the NBA in assists and really showing himself as the game's best passer. I expect LeBron to keep chugging along. You know, an advanced age, advanced knowledge, and know-how, even as his athleticism diminishes. 

Robin Lundberg: Who would you put it as? Second best real quick. 

Michael Shapiro: I think you got to go Kawhi Leonard. I mean, this is no disrespect to Giannis, who's going to go back to back and BP. But after the finals MVP, I think like really proves himself as the number one challenger to LeBron. Michael, appreciate your time, as always. Thank you. 

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