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SI Insider: The NBA Is Working Towards a Plan to Resume the Season but There Is Still Plenty to Consider

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ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted Wednesday that Adam Silver was due to meet with the NBA's Board of Governors on Friday to discuss the season resuming. They are not expected to have a final decision on Friday and SI's Chris Mannix shares some of the mechanics that need to be considered when resuming this NBA season.

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This is, by all accounts, a pivotal week for the NBA as league officials work towards finding the right way to resume the season. Adam Silver will hold a call with team executives on Thursday. And the NBA's Board of Governors will meet virtually on Friday in what will be a critical meeting. But as of Wednesday, there are still ongoing discussions on what the NBA will look like when it comes back. 

There is a significant faction within the league to bring back all 30 teams in an effort to satisfy financial obligations to regional television partners. But there is the challenge of making these games meaningful, which became a front burner issue when Blazer's All-Star, Damian Lillard told Yahoo! Sports that he would not play if Portland didn't have a pathway to make the playoffs. 

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has suggested a play-in tournament to decide the last two seeds in each conference. An idea that does have some support among owners. But bringing back all 30 teams has some challenges, not the least of which is preventing infection and spread of the coronavirus, which remains a significant concern. As I've reported here before, NBA teams will be amenable to whatever Silver decides with the financial future of the league on shaky ground. But there is still a lot of work to be done before the NBA can announce a concrete plan to pick up the '19-'20 season.