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Can Any Players Persuade Mike D'Antoni to Push Pass An Eight Player Playoff Rotation?

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The NBA hopes to have the 2019 season back on track by late July, yet playoffs will be around the corner. SI writer Michael Shapiro focuses on the Houston Rockets as the team has seen success in the playoffs last few seasons. Head Coach Mike D'Antoni has usually run an 8 player rotation through the playoffs, but are there any players on Rockets' roster this season that could make the D'Antoni expand?

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Katilin O'Toole: Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni is one of the NBA is most accomplish active coaches. But as the Houston Rockets are gearing up for the 2020 playoffs, his playoff rotation is up for debate. Joining me now is SI writer Michael Shapiro. Michael, D'Antoni is known for using a rotation and for the Rockets, that means eight players. Could anybody else force him to expand his rotation passed that?

Michael Shapiro: You know, it's certainly an interesting question. D'Antoni in each of the last two playoffs has kind of refused to expand his rotation past eight players. I think that will change this season. Jeff Green has really shined as a small ball backup center behind P.J. Tucker and after Green, there are probably two players competing for playing time with DeMarre Carroll and Thabo Sefolosha battling for minutes on the wing. I'd lean towards Sefolosha, giving his comfort with the rockets and his defensive approach. But it will certainly be interesting as we head into the 2020 postseason.

Katilin O'Toole: Obviously, a lot to consider with this. Thank you so much for your insight on it, Michael. We appreciate it.