SI Insider: Members of the NBA Community Use Their Platform to Speak Out Against Racial Injustice

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Numerous players, coaches, and executives from around the NBA have been speaking out against racial injustice after the death of George Floyd. Former player Stephen Jackson, who was personal friends with George Floyd has been speaking at protests against police violence around the country and players like Jaylen Brown and Malcolm Brogdon have returned to their hometown to protest with members of their community. 

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Robin Lundberg: The NBA community has been heard from in the wake of George Floyd's killing from players on the ground, protesting to the league, releasing statements to other players speaking out as well. For more, I'm joined by our senior writer, Chris Mannix. Now, Chris, you know, the NBA community has really made itself heard here. 

Chris Mannix: Yeah, they really have. And in addition to the words you see on social media and the statements being released by the league and teams, it's pretty powerful to see kind of the boots on the ground, reaction from people in the NBA community, whether it's Stephen Jackson going to Minneapolis to speak for his friend George Floyd. Karl-Anthony Towns alongside him who just weeks earlier, lost his mother to the coronavirus. And then all across the country, Jaylen Brown driving 15 hours to march in Atlanta. Malcolm Brogdon joining him down there. Really all across the country, NBA players have united, I think, have been real leaders in this effort to peacefully protest what was an incredible injustice.

Robin Lundberg: You know, it we're all reeling from it. But to see these guys out there, they're doing it. They're they're really taking a leadership role, to be honest.

Chris Mannix: Yeah. I mean, as we kind of watch the country burn in a lot of ways and watch a lot more senseless violence go on across the country. You've got NBA players, you know, actively discouraging that. You have Malcolm Brogdon, who said that his grandfather marched with Martin Luther King back in the 1960's and he's encouraging people to follow that path, follow that lead and peacefully protest. I mean, there really has been incredible progressive leadership by these NBA players. And I think there's only gonna to be more to come as the community comes together.

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