Did Magic Johnson Pave the Way for Lebron James?

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SI's Madelyn Burke and Michael Shaprio discuss who is the greatest to play the game of basketball.  Is it Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, or Lebron James? Michael Shapiro says that Magic Johnson paved the way for Lebron James.

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Madelyn Burke: The NBA debate. Who's the greatest to play the game? Michael Jordan, LeBron James. But according to SI's Michael Shapiro. What about Magic Johnson? Michael, you say that Magic paved the way for LeBron James. What similarities do you see between these two?

Michael Shapiro: You know, it seems that basketball fans nowadays are always discussing the Lebron vs. Jordan debate. Frankly, when you look at them stylistically, it seems that LeBron has really gleaned more throughout his career from Magic Johnson. There are, of course, two of the greatest passers in the game's history. And the kind of joy and excitement in which they play the game is infectious. You know, I think that Magic Johnson is a guy who would really thrive in today's era. And if you transported Lebron back to the 1980's, I think he would have similar success. 

Madelyn Burke: As the game evolves and the level of play evolves, we're just lucky to have so many great players to watch as NBA fans. Michael Shapiro, thank you so much for that time.

Michael Shapiro: Thank you.