Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy took to Twitter to ‘express his regret’ for his past, in wake of police photos surfacing that depict injuries he inflicted on his ex-girlfriend.

By SI Wire
November 07, 2015

Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy took to Twitter to ‘express his regret’ for his past.

Two tweets were sent from Hardy’s Twitter account Saturday. “Just had to say I express my regret 4 what happened in past and I'm  Dedicated to being the best person & teammate that I can be,” he wrote, “but mostly I am Grateful 4 the opportunity to play in NFL #GodBlessHookyStreet.”

These were Hardy’s first public comments since Deadspin published photos showing injuries he inflicted on his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder in a May 2014 incident. Hardy declined to speak to the media on Friday.

ROSENBERG: Shouldn’t have taken photos to stir outrage over Hardy’s actions

In a bench trial in July 2014, Hardy was found guilty of assaulting a female and communicating threats. He was given 18 months probation and a 60-day suspended jail sentence. Hardy’s punishment was vacated when he appealed the guilty verdict, and charges against him were subsequently dropped when Holder failed to appear at the jury trial.

According to his arrest warrant, Hardy, then a member of the Carolina Panthers, injured Holder by grabbing her and throwing her to the floor and into a bathtub. The police report said he strangled her and slammed her against a futon, which Holder later alleged was covered by “assault weapons and/or shotguns.”

Hardy claimed in court that Holder’s wounds were self-inflicted. Hardy and Holder are believed to have reached a civil settlement outside of court. His original 10-game suspension was reduced to four in July after an NFLPA appeal.

The Deadspin report, with graphic photos, can be found here.

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