Week 10 Sour Rankings: Drew Stanton lets loose, Favre's bizarre congrats

Welcome to the Week 10 Sour Rankings Dance Party, co-hosted by Cam Newton and Drew Stanton. 
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The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst (or is it best?) of the past week in the NFL …

Honorable mention, fullback TD celebration category

After scoring a touchdown Sunday night, Seattle fullback Will Tukuafu went full Frerotte. Never go full Frerotte...

10. Antone Exum plays a little extra defense

Because he is behind safeties Harrison Smith and Andrew Sendejo on the Vikings' safety depth chart, Exum has not seen much playing time this season outside of special teams. Maybe he can put this tackle on his highlight reel.

The moron who ran onto the field probably is lucky he slipped, because it looked like Exum had him lined up.

9. A teammate takes down Danny Amendola

It looked for all the world like Amendola was headed into the end zone for a punt-return TD. That is, until fellow Patriot Duron Harmon cut behind him, for some reason, and clipped Amendola's foot.

The Giants pounced on Amendola before he could get up—he was not technically down since there had been no contact by a defender. New England eventually scored a touchdown anyway, but you can bet there are fantasy football players out there somewhere who lost this week because Harmon robbed them of six D/ST points.

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8. The Ravens finding a new way to lose

Trailing by one with mere seconds left Sunday, the Jaguars had no choice but to try a Hail Mary from midfield. They barely got the play off, snapping it just before the clock hit zeroes. QB Blake Bortles then slipped and fell, while at least a couple of his teammates stopped, thinking the game was over. 

But it wasn't. Bortles scrambled back to his feet and promptly was ripped back down by the face mask, courtesy of Baltimore's Elvis Dumervil.

The resulting 15-yard penalty gave Jacksonville one untimed play, which it used for a 53-yard game-winning field goal by Jason Myers.

7. Cam Newton vs. the Titans

Look, Newton's just not an "act like you been there" sort of guy when he gets into the end zone. He'll pretend to rip open his jersey a la Superman, he'll dance, he'll go talk to the fans. Some people love it. The Titans hated it.

"I don't like it personally," linebacker Avery Williamson said, via TitanInsider.com. "You saw my reaction to it. He wants to be the man, so he wants to celebrate because he scored. But I don't personally go for that stuff."

DL Jurrell Casey took it a step further: "He didn't really do much. His players around him, his running backs, put him in good position. He didn't really do much. He wanted to put on a show at the end of the game like he did something. But he didn't really do nothing this whole game."

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6. Charles Johnson pays his own way

The Panthers' Charles Johnson (not to be confused with the Vikings' Charles Johnson) landed on injured reserve back in September. He's eligible to come off I.R. for a Thanksgiving Day game against Dallas. 

In the meantime, he has been road tripping to games so he can watch Carolina play ... and the franchise's front office apparently is not hooking him up.

Per ESPN.com, Johnson also covered his own expenses when the Panthers visited Seattle in October. Johnson did tweet out a photo from field level that day, so he must have let someone know he was coming.

5. Bill Belichick picking his nose

Bill, you're on camera. Hey, Bill, the camera. Bill! Don't! ... Ew.

4. The Miami Dolphins

Wild one for the Dolphins, who managed to rally for a crucial 20–19 road victory at Philadelphia. But there was plenty of drama along the way.

Star cornerback Brent Grimes missed the game, for one, after he caught a case of food poisoning Saturday night. The Miami Herald reported that Grimes "guessed he puked 15 times between Saturday night and Sunday."

The Dolphins then took a safety for the third straight game, this time when QB Ryan Tannehillwas absolutely buried off a blindside blitz from Philadelphia's Walter Thurmond. They were backed up to their goal line in the first place because Damien Williams turned what should have been a touchback into one of the worst kick returns in NFL history.

But wait, there's more. Miami finally took the lead on the fourth quarter when Tannehill ricocheted a pass off the helmet of a Philadelphia defender and into the arms of WR Jarvis Landry.

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3. Brett Favre, hunter

Before he was benched Sunday in an utterly bizarre turn of events, Manning broke Favre's NFL record for most career passing yards. Favre took a few seconds to congratulate his QB counterpart, in the most Brett Favre way possible.

2. Arthur Moats on Johnny Manziel

Moats, a Steelers linebacker, was hit with a 15-yard personal foul penalty for a brutal face mask on Manziel Sunday. Odds are, Moats will be hearing from the league with a fine in the near future, too. This is about as bad as it gets (Vine via @NEPatsFanInCA):

1. Drew Stanton's celebration

Every once in awhile, football presents us with a reminder that we take this all too seriously—that it's still just a game. Drew Stanton provided one such moment Sunday night.

All the touchdown dances and pre-planned celebrations are fine, but there is something to be said for a reaction of pure, unadulterated joy. We also have to give Stanton the crown over teammate and Arizona starting QB Carson Palmer, who reacted to his team's last TD like this: