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2016 NFL draft order: Titans, Browns, Chargers have first three picks

As of Sunday, the top three picks in the 2016 NFL draft belong to the Titans, Browns and Chargers, in that order.
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By this time next week, the order for the top picks in the 2016 NFL draft will be set. 

As of Sunday, the top three picks belong to the Titans, Browns and Chargers, in that order. All three teams are 3–12 after losing in Week 16, with the tiebreaker determined by strength of schedule. 

The order for the final 12 picks will be determined by the outcome of the playoffs. 

The draft begins on April 28 in Chicago.

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Below is the full draft order, as of Sunday night.

  1. Titans
  2. Browns
  3. Chargers
  4. Cowboys
  5. 49ers
  6. Dolphins
  7. Jaguars
  8. Ravens
  9. Buccaneers
  10. Saints
  11. Eagles
  12. Lions
  13. Bears
  14. Giants
  15. Raiders
  16. Bills
  17. Colts
  18. Rams
  19. Falcons
  20. Steelers
  21. Redskins
  22. Texans
  23. Seahawks
  24. Vikings
  25. Jets
  26. Chiefs
  27. Packers
  28. Broncos
  29. Bengals
  30. Patriots (pick forfeited due to Deflategate punishment)
  31. Cardinals
  32. Panthers