Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot eight times when killed Saturday night. 

By SI Wire
April 13, 2016

The New Orleans coroner confirmed Wednesday that former Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot eight times—seven times in the back—when he was killed after a traffic accident on Saturday.

Smith’s wife Racquel was shot twice in her legs during the incident, and remains in the hospital where she is expected to recover from her wounds.

Smith was shot and killed by Cardell Hayes after multiple traffic incidents Saturday night, according to Smith's attorney. A video showed what appears to be Smith's car coming close to rear–ending what appears to be Hayes's car—it's not clear whether contact is made—before the first car drove off.

Later, according to Smith's attorney, Hayes rammed into Smith's car, shattering the back windshield. After this crash, both men exited their cars and started arguing. Smith’s attorney claims the argument had been diffused and that Smith was returning to his vehicle when he was shot and killed.

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Hayes’ attorney John Fuller claims Hayes felt threatened during the argument, leading to the shooting. He also claims that Hayes was following the car following a hit–and–run and that he tried to called 9-1-1.

Fuller is expected to point to the evidence of a gun that was in Smith’s car during the time of the shooting to prove his client was acting in self–defense. 

Video released earlier this week appeared to show Smith bumping Hayes with his SUV and driving away before the second accident and shooting. 

Smith, who was 34, last played for the Saints in 2012. 


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