• Despite having two untested quarterbacks, the top two on our list this week are the franchises we've grown quite accustomed to seeing at the top. Meanwhile, the Cardinals, who held the top spot this preseason, take a tumble.
By Chris Burke
September 14, 2016

What is true after Week 1 of the NFL season tends to be not as true after Week 2. The secrets that teams spent the summer guarding are out there now, on tape, for the opposition to see. The adjustments that come are what define the season.

One early conclusion that should hold up, though: The AFC is better across the board than the NFC. This week’s Power Rankings reflect that, with the top four teams and six of the top 10 coming out of the AFC. The results moving forward should affirm that argument, too. The AFC has more Super Bowl-caliber teams at the top and more competitive entries at the bottom.

And at least for this week, a very familiar franchise claims the top spot here:

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