The NFL’s 10 Best Cornerbacks

Apparently the players themselves get fired up about these things, so have a listen to our countdown of football’s 10-best cornerbacks and let your emotions get the best of you
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Cornerbacks. Every team has at least one. In many cases, more than one. But who is the best cornerback in the NFL? And the second best? What about the third, fourth and fifth best? However, who is the ninth best? But the seventh best? Sixth and eighth best? How about the 10 best cornerbacks in the NFL? Well, we’re counting them down on the 10 Things Podcast.

You’ll probably agree with some of the rankings. Then you’ll be upset about others because they are names that you know with good résumés, and just like Darrelle Revis, cornerbacks always stay exactly as good as they were in previous years.

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For those wondering, the Patriots currently sit at just better than 2-to-1 (19/10) to return to the Super Bowl (which, if you ask me, is free money). And these are two of the five(?) bets on which I won a year’s salary off Andy. I’ll list the rest if they come to mind, but feel free to chime in. (I know there’s at least four.)

1. The AFC East would have two teams finish with a winning record in 2016
2. Adrian Peterson would would get a contract of $10 million or more for 2017

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This week’s show:

Number 10—2:51

Number 9—6:56

Number 8—16:41

Number 7—17:59

Number 6—20:35

Number 5—22:37

Number 4—25:24

Number 3—31:18

Number 2—35:35

Number 1—41:43

Others receiving votes—45:10