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Dallas Cowboys are world's most valuable sports team

Dallas Cowboys are world's most valuable sports team.
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The Dallas Cowboys are the world's most valuabla sports franchise, according to an annual list complied by Forbes Magazine.

The Cowboys are worth $4.2 billion and lead the list for the second straight year. They received an extra boost by posting $700 million in revenue during the 2015 season.

The New York Yankees are worth $3.7 billion, up 9% from 2016. The Yankees ranked fourth on this list last year.

Three soccer teams round out the top five: Manchester United is worth $3.69 billion followed by Barcelona ($3.64 billion) and Real Madrid ($3.58 billion).

There are 29 NFL teams that are among the top 50 valuable sports franchises, as the Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills missed the list.

Every NFL team turned a profit and will get even bigger returns next year because of the pending relocating fees that are to be paid by Rams, Chargers and Oakland Raiders.

Eight MLB teams and seven each from the NBA and European soccer made the list.

The New England Patriots ($3.4 billion) are No. 6 on the list. The New York Knicks ($3.3 billion), New York Giants ($3.10 billion), San Francisco 49ers ($3 billion) and Los Angeles Lakers ($3 billion) complete the top 10.

No NHL or racing teams made the top 50, as there are 87 sports franchises in the world that are now worth at least $1 billion.