Marquise Goodwin Suspended One Year By USADA, Won't Affect 49ers Status

Marquise Goodwin has been suspended one year by USADA but it will not affect his status with the 49ers.
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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver and 2012 Olympic long jumper Marquise Goodwin was suspended one year for failing to properly file and maintain his whereabouts information to undergo drug testing.

Goodwin, 26, is a member of the USADA athlete testing pool but has not competed in track and field since finishing seventh in the long jump at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore., on July 3, 2016. He was drug tested once by USADA in 2017.

After failing to update his whereabouts three times within a 12-month span, Goodwin broke USADA protocol, IAAF anti-doping and World Anti-Doping Agency rules. His one-year suspension began on April 1, 2017.

The suspension by USADA will not affect his status in the NFL, the 49ers announced in a statement:

"We recently learned that the United States Anti-Doping Agency plans to release a statement regarding Marquise Goodwin's failure to submit 'Whereabouts' paperwork as part of their testing protocol. Marquise informed the organization some time ago that he has no intentions of competing in track and field and has been entirely focused on his football career for more than a year. We have been in touch with the League office regarding this matter, and understand that Marquise will not be subject to discipline under the NFL Policy on Performance Enhancing Substances as a result of USADA's decision."

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Goodwin added a statement of his own:

"Never in my life have I failed a test. I have never been opposed to testing and, in fact, have always been compliant with each and every protocol and policy associated with my competitive career in track and field. More than a year ago, I decided to cease competing in the sport in order to concentrate 100 percent on my NFL career. Therefore, I discontinued all practices associated with competing in track and field, including submitting my 'Whereabouts' information. It appears that because I did not inform USADA of my plans, my name was inadvertently included in their 2017 testing pool. I greatly appreciate the support of the San Francisco 49ers and the National Football League as I work to clarify this matter."

Goodwin was an Olympic long jump finalist in 2012. Lase season, he recorded 29 receptions for 431 yards and three touchdowns as a member of the Buffalo Bills.