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Chris Long Puts Hand On Malcolm Jenkins' Back During National Anthem

Before the Eagles played Thursday, Charlottesville native Chris Long kept his hand on Malcolm Jenkins' back during the national anthem.

During the national anthem of Thursday's preseason game between the Eagles and Bills, Philadelphia defensive end Chris Long put his arm on the back of teammate Malcolm Jenkins as Jenkins raised a fist in the air.

Jenkins has been one of the most vocal and visible players when it has come to national anthem protest and the message that Colin Kaepernick had attempted to push going back to last season. The Eagles' safety has already said he will continue to raise his fist during the national anthem for this entire season as he did for the majority of last year.

Long, a native of Charlottesville, Va., has also been a defender of Kaepernick, commenting on his right to protest last season and going on Twitter to discuss the comment made by Michael Vick regarding Kaepernick needing to cut his hair. Long and his brother Kyle both commented on the events took place in their hometown over the weekend, condemning the white nationalist who sparked violence in the city.

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While Long and Jenkins were standing for the anthem, Eagles cornerback Ron Brooks took a knee, according to ESPN's Tim McManus.

Brooks, who was not dressed for Thursday's game, was one of a handful of Eagles who joined Jenkins in raising a fist during the anthem last season.