43-Year-Old Terrell Owens: ‘Me Not Being on the Field Right Now Is a Joke’

Forget the Hall of Fame, Terrell Owens thinks he should still be playing. 
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Terrell Owens has always been good at two things: catching footballs and running his mouth. He can still do one of those things and is confident he’s able to do the other. 

T.O. was on Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson’s radio show in Los Angeles on Friday morning and Dickerson expressed disbelief that Owens isn’t in Canton alongside him. 

“I’ll go a little further than that, E.D.,” Owens replied. “Me not being on the field right now is a joke, and I don’t care what people say. Even though I’m 43, trust me, I’m not your average 43-year old. ... I can play, there’s no question about it.”

Owens also claimed that he can run a 4.4-second 40-yard dash right now. That would be faster than the time he clocked five years ago during a last-ditch NFL comeback attempt. 

This isn’t the only time Owens has boasted that he could still be playing the NFL. He told SI Now in 2015 that he was staying in game shape and could still rack up 1,000 receiving yards if he only got the chance. 

That’s obviously absurd but let’s not forget just how good T.O. was late in his career. His last NFL season was 2010, when he led a terrible Bengals team in all three major receiving categories (72 catches, 983 yards and nine touchdowns). A torn ACL in the spring of 2011 effectively ended his career, though he got a shot in the Indoor Football League and had a brief tryout with the Seahawks. 

Let’s be honest, he could probably help the Jets this year.