Not a sports crowd on Jeopardy! tonight. 

By Dan Gartland
September 25, 2017

As a Sports Jeopardy! champion myself, I won’t pretend to have an idea of what the average Jeopardy! contestant should know about sports. Still, the trio on Monday night’s episode couldn’t have been much worse at the NFL category. 

For our readers, it must have seemed easy. The clue was a Hall of Fame player’s name and the contestants had to provide that player’s team. 

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Michael Irvin is a pretty modern player, so you figure they would have had a decent chance at getting that one, and Joe Greene was a mainstream pop culture figure for his appearance in that Coke ad. The Marcus Allen one was tricky if you didn’t follow football in the 80s, though. 

Perhaps they would have gotten those two clues left on the board before time ran out. 

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